Netanyahu: Hezbollah Tunnels Part of ‘Daring’ Plan

Netanyahu: Hezbollah Tunnels Part of ‘Daring’ Plan

December 5, 2018

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that the Hezbollah cross-border tunnels currently being destroyed by the Israeli Defense Force are part of a “daring” broader plan to infiltrate Israel and capture parts of the Galilee.

Tuesday morning the IDF uncovered a 200-meter tunnel, the “first of sure to be many,” which originated in a private home in southern Lebanon and penetrated Israel near the town of Metulla. Hezbollah terrorists were still working in the tunnel at the time.

“The aim of Hezbollah is to dig tunnels into our territory. It is part of an effort with a breadth and depth that we have not seen before,” Netanyahu said during a televised address.

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