NC School Board Bans Teaching Tenets of Critical Race Theory

NC School Board Bans Teaching Tenets of Critical Race Theory

June 12, 2021

The Brunswick County, North Carolina, Board of Education voted unanimously this week to ban employees from using their positions to persuade students to support particular political theories or issues.

The new policy aims to “ensure that social theories of any kind (i.e. Holocaust Denial Theory, 9/11 Theory, Critical Race Theory) are not presented to students unless approved by the Brunswick County Board of Education,” according to WECT News6.

The amended rule states, “This policy should not be construed as prohibiting the impartial study and discussion of political or other controversial issues in the classroom setting, including the dissemination of factual information about serious problems the school system or the community may be facing because of political actions, where such teaching or information reasonably relates to the standards of the course.

“Both sides of the political issue shall be presented, supported by primary or balanced secondary sources, so that students are provided an opportunity to be well informed and to be able to make their own decisions regarding political or other controversial issues,” the rule continues.

County Commissioner Pat Sykes said in a statement, “As a Commissioner, I believe the inclusion of such theories is an intentional effort to indoctrinate children and others with a specific political ideology. This is a part of a far-left agenda to divide us on race, to victimize black students and to make white students feel guilty. They want to take God out of our country and tear down our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a socialist system. As a citizen of this great country, I will do what I can to protect and defend my God, the United States of America, North Carolina, and Brunswick County from this far-left movement.”

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