NBC Eager for Biden Presidential Run

NBC Eager for Biden Presidential Run

September 21, 2018

In an interview Friday with Joe Biden and wife Jill on NBC’s Today show, co-host Craig Melvin repeatedly pushed the idea of the former Vice President running for President in 2020.

“You sound like a man who wants to run,” Melvin told Biden. “You sound like a guy who really wants to.” Later he added, “You said in 2016 that you regretted not doing it. If you don’t run this time, will you regret it?”

Melvin even pressed Jill: “Dr. Biden, let’s just say hypothetically, come January, this fellow sitting next to you, he comes to you… anyone who’s heard him recently know that he still has this fire in his belly….he says, ‘Sweetie, I think I want to be President of the United States again,’ you say what?”


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