NBC Cancels Ellen DeGeneres’ Game Show After 4 Seasons

NBC Cancels Ellen DeGeneres’ Game Show After 4 Seasons

January 20, 2022

NBC has canceled LGBT activist Ellen DeGeneres’ game show Ellen’s Game of Games after four seasons, according to Breitbart News, after the ratings for season three fell by nearly 30% and last year’s fourth season ratings fell by 50%.

The cancellation comes at the same time that DeGeneris finishes the final season of her daytime talk show. She announced she would end that show after 19 seasons in the wake of tumbling ratings amid revelations that she fostered a “toxic workplace.” As reports of the show’s culture of sexual harassment surfaced, A-list celebrities began refusing to accept invites to be guests on the show, and viewers fled the sinking ship as Ellen’s facade of likeability crumbled.

Last year, Emmy Award-winning producer Hedda Muskat said on an Australian talk show that she was not surprised the DeGeneres talk show was coming to an end. “The viewers fired her,” Muskat stated.

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