Native American Critics Not Accepting Warren’s Apologies

Native American Critics Not Accepting Warren’s Apologies

August 27, 2019

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is struggling to gain the trust of Native American critics, despite apologizing for her false past claims of heritage.

Breitbart reports that Politico spoke to some of Warren’s Native American critics, who want her to state definitively that she was wrong to claim Cherokee ancestry and to address reports that some of Warren’s family members may have been “white squatters” on Cherokee land and that some of her great-great-great-grandfathers participated in the Trail of Tears.

Cherokee citizen and educator Joseph Pierce, who said, “How will [Warren] repair the harm [she has] caused? She has not even admitted what that harm was.” Cherokee journalist Rebecca Nagle told Politico, “What I fear most is that if she does become the nominee, then it’s going to be this ugly front-and-center issue where basically Native identity is going to be weaponized.

“If Warren doesn’t take care of this issue in the primary stage, I don’t think she’s going to be able to handle it in a general election against Trump,” she added.

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