Nancy Blames Putin, ‘Corporate Greed’ for High Food, Gas Prices

Nancy Blames Putin, ‘Corporate Greed’ for High Food, Gas Prices

July 25, 2022

During Thursday’s weekly press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continued to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin and “corporate greed” for high food and gas prices in the U.S.

“Do you believe that Russia is one of the big suppliers of fertilizer in the world?” Pelosi said. “We want to break the grip of foreign supply on American kitchen tables, and that applies to fuel as well as fertilizer. And, again, many of these poultry meat-packing companies are foreign-owned. When Putin invaded Ukraine, almost immediately, the cost of, at the price at the pump, went up about two dollars in — not immediate but near immediate range of his invasion.”

False. Gas prices were skyrocketing well before Putin’s invasion, because the Biden administration has vowed to destroy the fossil fuel industry.

“Largely the price of the pump is about supply. Supply is down. Cost is up. The war has contributed enormously to that, but there is also price gouging, and we had legislation that we talked about before that was passed in the Congress addressing price gouging as well as market manipulation,” she claimed falsely.

“No, I don’t think the public is blaming Democrats,” Pelosi told a reporter in April. Yes, they are. The American people know that Democrats and the Biden administration, not Putin and corporate greed, are entirely responsible for the catastrophic state of affairs.

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