Nance: Trump Will Hack Democrat Party If Russia Doesn’t

Nance: Trump Will Hack Democrat Party If Russia Doesn’t

July 27, 2020

Saturday on MSNBC, purported “national security analyst” Malcolm Nance falsely claimed that President Trump’s re-election campaign and its “vigilantes” will “most likely” hack the Democrat Party’s systems if the Russian government doesn’t do it first.

“It is very high, the Russian possibility of attacking our elections,” Nance replied. “We know that they have been going around and probing the Democratic Party. You say that memo that was sent out where the Democrat Party suspects they have been trying to hack into individual accounts in order to release emails in a flood before the election. That is going to happen. We already know if Russia doesn’t do it, the Trump campaign, its vigilantes, and its data team will most likely do it.”

Really? How does “national security analyst” Nance know this? He offered zero evidence for the claim, and his own party spent three years attempting to prove Russian election collusion in 2016 and came up empty-handed. Not only that, but there is actual evidence that Russia’s Putin wanted Hillary to win in 2016.

Also, who and what are Trump campaign “vigilantes”? Their existence would be a big story if “national security analyst” Nance had evidence. But he offered none.

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