Nadler: Removing Trump ‘Not a Zero Possibility’

Nadler: Removing Trump ‘Not a Zero Possibility’

November 8, 2019

On MSNBC’s All In Thursday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler opined that there is a “possibility” the Senate will vote to remove President Trump from office, and that Republican senators should not be so “dismissive” of the idea.

Asked if he saw the impeachment process as possibly ending in the president’s removal, Nadler waffled: “I think it is a possibility. I don’t know how to estimate the possibility, but I would certainly say it’s not a zero possibility. … I think it’s possible, depending how strong the evidence is, and depending on other political considerations, that maybe the Senate will act to remove the president.

“I also, to be political about it, I think some Republican senators may take a look at the election results the other day and start thinking, maybe I should be a little more fair and not dismissive,” Nadler added.

Or maybe Democrat senators shouldn’t be dismissive of the idea that trying to remove Trump will cripple their presidential candidate’s chances in 2020.

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