Nadler on Witnesses: Are GOP Senators ‘Part of the Coverup’?

Nadler on Witnesses: Are GOP Senators ‘Part of the Coverup’?

January 21, 2020

Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation, Rep. Jerry Nadler suggested that Republican senators who wanted to negotiate on witnesses in the upcoming impeachment trial were “part of the coverup.”

“You know, the question of witnesses in any trial, in any trial, all relevant witnesses must be heard,” Nadler pontificated. “Whether if, if you’re accused of robbing a bank, testimony that I saw him rob the bank or he was somewhere else, he couldn’t have robbed the bank, is admissible. It’s not negotiable whether you have witnesses.

“And this whole controversy about whether there should be witnesses is just — is really a question of does the Senate want to have a fair trial or do they — or are they part of the coverup of the president? Any Republican senator who says there should be no witnesses or even that witnesses should be negotiated is part of the coverup.”

There is no coverup. There is no impeachable offense. There is only the farce of Democrat political theater.

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