Nadler on Facebook Trump Ban: ‘They Have an Absolute Right to Ban Liars’

Nadler on Facebook Trump Ban: ‘They Have an Absolute Right to Ban Liars’

June 5, 2021

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler told reporters on Friday that he wholeheartedly supports social media giant Facebook’s decision to ban former President Donald Trump for two years.

Asked for his thoughts on the Facebook ban, Nadler replied, “I think Facebook was right. I think that they have an absolute right to ban liars and the former president is an absolute liar. It’s not a question of free speech because free speech is a question of the government limiting free speech and there’s no question of that here. Private companies can print whatever they want, and I think they’re right to not print lies.”

Spoken like a true totalitarian. Trump and his 84 million supporters put the fear of God into Democrats, so they happily support banning him on social media.

But make no mistake — contrary to Nadler’s claim that it is not a free speech issue because the government isn’t directly banning Trump, Facebook and the other big tech entities are engaging in political censorship. They’re not just a mom-and-pop business refusing to serve a customer; they have enormous monopolistic power and are working in concert with the Democrat Party to limit or outright silence political opponents — especially Donald Trump and his MAGA supporters, who pose a very serious threat to the left’s power.

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