Nadler: Blame Shootings on Trump’s Divisive, Racist Rhetoric

Nadler: Blame Shootings on Trump’s Divisive, Racist Rhetoric

August 5, 2019

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe Monday, Rep. Jerry Nadler declared that the two mass shootings over the weekend in Dayton and El Paso “were clearly in part result of” President Trump’s “divisive and racist rhetoric.”

Trump tweeted out his support for both cities, denounced “white supremacism,” and blamed the fake news media for ramping up national outrage. Nadler said he was not surprised by Trump’s reaction.

“The president’s reaction should be shocking except he can’t shock anymore,” Nadler stated. “He can’t go lower than he’s been. I mean, to link — these shootings were clearly in part result of his racist rhetoric. That’s clear — his divisive and racist rhetoric.”

It’s actually not clear at all. The El Paso shooter seems to be an unhinged environmentalist who blamed unchecked illegal immigration for contributing to environmental unsustainability. The Dayton shooter seems to have been an avowed socialist and supporter of leftist Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

“People have warned that they would lead to violence and now they have,” Nadler added. In fact, it is the divisive, identity politics rhetoric of the Left that has led to unchecked violence against Trump supporters around the nation.

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