Nadler: Ban Deportation of Illegal Aliens with Coronavirus

Nadler: Ban Deportation of Illegal Aliens with Coronavirus

July 21, 2020

House Judiciary chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler introduced legislation last Thursday that would ban U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from deporting illegal aliens who test positive for coronavirus.

“Not only has President Trump failed to contain COVID-19 within the United States, he has allowed ICE to recklessly export the pandemic abroad,” Nadler said about his Coronavirus Containment Act of 2020. The bill would force ICE to conduct coronavirus testing on those slated for deportation. If they test positive, they cannot be deported until they test negative.

“If we want to seriously stop the spread of this global health crisis, we cannot let ICE continue the dangerous practice of repatriating individuals without appropriate testing. The bill I’ve introduced requires ICE to expand testing for individuals set for repatriation and halt the removal of any individual who tests positive for COVID-19,” Nadler continued in his statement.

We have not exported the virus abroad; it was imported to us. People here illegally are not our responsibility; American citizens are, and our duty is to protect them.

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