NAACP Urges NFL to ‘Rethink It’s Relationship’ With ‘Racist’ Fox

NAACP Urges NFL to ‘Rethink It’s Relationship’ With ‘Racist’ Fox

March 20, 2021

In a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has called on the NFL to “rethink” its relationship with the Fox News Channel Fox due to the “racism” Fox supposedly promotes.

Derrick Johnson, the president and chief executive officer of the NAACP, argued in the letter that Fox “continues to inflame racial division and propagate an unstable political climate” and thus “the NFL’s programming should not be used as a bargaining tool for Rupert Murdoch to help fund Fox News’ hatred, bigotry, lies and racism.”

“Fox News has gone far and beyond to disinform its viewers, inciting hate, bigotry, and ultimately threatening American democracy,” Johnson claimed, offering no evidence. “We have grave concerns with the NFL’s contract renewal with Fox, and we look forward to having a serious conversation.”

The NFL has been involved in negotiations with Fox and other networks to air the league’s games. It is reportedly asking $2.25 billion from Fox. Johnson wrote that he fears the money will lead to Fox’s “exploitation” of the NFL to “destabilize our democracy.”

The real “hatred, bigotry, lies and racism” being promoted in our culture, and the threat of a destabilized democracy, stem not from the left’s boogeyman Fox News and its dwindling conservative audience, but from racial grievance grifters like the NAACP and Black Lives Matter. The NFL, which so far has caved completely to the left’s “woke” mob, needs to write Johnson back and politely decline to play their divisive game.

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