NAACP Chief: Hold the Insurrectionists Accountable Like ‘al-Qaida or bin Laden’

NAACP Chief: Hold the Insurrectionists Accountable Like ‘al-Qaida or bin Laden’

March 11, 2021

In an interview with the propaganda outlet Salon on Tuesday, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chief Derrick Johnson discussed the organization’s lawsuit against former President Trump for his “attempted coup,” comparing those involved in the January 6 Capitol breach with al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

Claiming falsely that the “coup” was “facilitated by right-wing fundraising groups and financiers,” Johnson also made the false, bigoted assertion that domestic terrorism “has the face of a white male.”

Regarding “accountability and responsibility” for the “Trump regime’s apparent crimes,” Johnson stated that those involved in the Capitol chaos committed “crimes of sedition and a failed coup” and should be “held and punished to the extent necessary.”

“There has to be an aggressive approach to deal with domestic terrorism in this country,” he added. No argument there. The domestic terror groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa should both be reined in aggressively. But that’s not what anti-white racist Johnson has in mind; he declared — falsely again — that domestic terrorism has “always carried the banner of white supremacist behavior.” In fact, domestic terrorists in the last half-century have been overwhelmingly leftist radicals, not white supremacists.

“We cannot have a democracy and white supremacy,” he stated, adding that social media has “hurt American democracy” during the last four years. He’s absolutely right about the damage social media has wrought in this country, but not for the reason he is suggesting.

“We have to cut the head off the serpent of white supremacy,” he continued. “We should hold the insurrectionists accountable as if they were al-Qaida or Osama bin Laden coming to America and causing havoc.”

In addition to the glaring disparity between terrorism carried out by al Qaeda in America and the Antifa-instigated chaos and selfie-taking buffoonery at the Capitol on January 6, Johnson’s hypocrisy here is stunning: the left long ago embraced the jihad of Islamic fundamentalists like bin Laden in what David Horowitz has called “an unholy alliance,” and now wants to absurdly inflate the threat of white supremacy, because both serve the left’s anti-American agenda.

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