Mystal: GOP Are ‘Locusts’ Who Thrive on ‘Suffering’

Mystal: GOP Are ‘Locusts’ Who Thrive on ‘Suffering’

January 9, 2023

Friday on MSNBC’s propaganda outlet All In with Chris Hayes, race-mongering demagogue Elie Mystal smeared the Republican Party as “locusts” who thrive on “suffering.”

Discussing the GOP’s recent internal struggle to secure the House Speakership, Mystal ranted, “The Republicans don’t want to govern. Dysfunction is a victory condition for the Republican Party. It’s Democrats that want things. Republicans don’t want things. So the fact the government can’t function, the fact this rules package makes it almost impossible for the speaker to wield any real power, that’s okay with Republicans.”

Mystal continued, “We’re in a situation where Democrats are basically like Bill Paxton in [sci-fi film] ‘Independence Day’ when he asked the aliens, ‘What do you want us to do?’ And the aliens say, ‘Die!’ Right? That’s what – they’re locusts and they feed on dysfunction and suffering.”

The most charitable thing one can say about Mystal is that he is not a serious political analyst. Setting aside the fact that he confused actor Bill Paxton with actor Bill Pullman, his pop culture reference offers no actual insight, much less truth. It simply paints the GOP as homicidal monsters who thrive on “dysfunction and suffering.” This is the rabble-rousing language of dehumanization and hate, which is Mystal’s and MSNBC’s forte.

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