Muslim Immigrant Running Against Omar: We’re Not Like Her

Muslim Immigrant Running Against Omar: We’re Not Like Her

October 31, 2023

A Muslim immigrant and Minnesota Republican congressional candidate who is running to unseat Muslim antisemite Rep. Ilhan Omar joined Fox & Friends to call out far-left Democrats for their failure to stand with Israel against Hamas terrorists.

“I’m telling you, Hamas is a terrorist group, and whoever supports these terrorists don’t belong to the United States of America, the land of the free,” said Dalia al-Aqidi (D-MN), calling Omar the “No. 1 antisemitic lawmaker in the United States.”

“When they call for a free Palestine and call ‘from the river to the sea,’ this is a call for a genocide. Black Lives Matter and all these far-left progressives have no clue what they’re chanting about,” she continued.

Fact check: they know full well what the chant means and they support it.

Al-Aqidi, speaking from Israel, said she traveled there three days ago to “show my support and solidarity with the Jewish people,” declaring that the people of Minneapolis – where Omar was raised – support Israel.

“We are not like her [Omar]. We support the Jewish people, and we are fighting the same fight,” she told host Ainsley Earhardt, explaining that Omar’s district has become “ground zero for antisemitism” under her leadership.

During her time in Israel, al-Aqidi said she has seen first-hand the atrocities that Hamas terrorists committed during their attack on Israeli civilians on Oct. 7.

“I’ve seen the houses, the burnt houses. You can smell it. It’s a place of destruction,” she added. “And whoever says that Hamas, that these people are freedom fighters, no, freedom fighters don’t do that. Freedom fighters don’t hunt kids, don’t hurt women and the elderly from house to house and room to room. I’ve seen it. I bear witness to what happened in the kibbutz. So, that’s why I’m here to say, no, this is not fake news.”

“These people with a Islamist radical Islamist ideology, they don’t care about their lives, what they care about is death,” she said.

Fact check: true.

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