MSNBC’s Reid: GOP Using ‘Hitler’ Tactics to Exploit ‘White Rage’

MSNBC’s Reid: GOP Using ‘Hitler’ Tactics to Exploit ‘White Rage’

February 2, 2022

Someone needs to pass a law preventing hysterical comparisons of one’s political opponents with Hitler.

Friday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, racist propagandist Joy Reid played the left’s worn-out Hitler card, claiming falsely that Republicans are attempting to agitate white voters with tactics used by the Nazi leader such as banning books.

Reid said, “Book burning and banning happened to be staples of fascism and communism. The Nazis did it, Hitler, imposing rigid censorship on newspapers and burning all literature he considered dangerous. The Soviets banned books, too, along with the Chinese Communist Party.”

Reid neglected to mention that the Nazis, Soviets, and Chinese Communist Party were all leftists like her.

Fact check: Republicans are not banning or burning books. Last I checked, cancel culture was a creation of totalitarians of the left like Reid. What Republicans want to ban is the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools. Contrary to leftist insistence, CRT is not an ideologically neutral, scholarly perspective on the history of slavery and racism. It is the teaching of racism and racial division itself.

She continued, “So hey, Republicans, wokeness is communism, but book banning isn’t? Make it make sense. It is literally another case of everything old is new again because this exact tactic has hijacked present-day American politics. Just like back in the eighties, the great parent revolt is bankrolled by conservative organizations and think tanks and shaped by political operatives, who are controlling the puppet strings so that you think this is just about regular moms and dads advocating for their kids.”

Fact check: it is about regular moms and dads advocating for their kids. Parental outrage about the left’s race-mongering indoctrination of their children is very genuine, but leftists like Reid smear those parents as domestic terrorists and sic the FBI on them. That’s the real fascism going on.

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