MSNBC’s Mitchell: Sen. Sinema ‘Completely Embarrassed’ Biden

MSNBC’s Mitchell: Sen. Sinema ‘Completely Embarrassed’ Biden

January 14, 2022

Thursday on MSNBC’s Katy Tur Reports, propagandist anchor Andrea Mitchell said that renegade Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema “completely embarrassed” President Joe Biden by giving a speech on the Senate floor opposing changing the filibuster ahead of Biden meeting with the Senate Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Mitchell said, “Kyrsten Sinema did something that is extraordinary. Yes, anyone who was reading her body language had to know where she came down on this. She made no secret of it, but she wasn’t openly publicly verbal about it. But she went to the floor of the Senate within an hour of president coming up there to address her caucus, knowing exactly what he was going to do, and she completely embarrassed, politically embarrassed the leader of her own party, the sitting president of the United States, and was giving absolutely no leeway. She made it absolutely clear that she will not give on this.”

She added, “So she did something for a freshman senator that was pretty remarkable. It was a total embarrassment to him.”

Apparently, then, senators aren’t supposed to vote their conscience or consider their constituents. According to Mitchell and MSNBC, a senator’s job is to fall in line with Party dogma and make sure he or she doesn’t embarrass the President.

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