Mother Nearly Killed by Black Shooter Rages at BLM Protesters

Mother Nearly Killed by Black Shooter Rages at BLM Protesters

July 19, 2022

Video has emerged of Arabella Yarbrough, the mother of two who was nearly killed by Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg before Minneapolis Police snipers gunned him down last week, was filmed raging at Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters after the group hailed him as another black victim of police brutality.

Last Wednesday Sundberg, 20, fired into Yarbrough’s apartment where she lived with her two children. He later fired upon her again as police escorted her and her family safely out of the apartment complex. The incident led to a six-hour standoff, during which Sundberg refused to speak with negotiators even after his father pleaded with him. Minneapolis police snipers were forced to end the standoff.

Sundberg’s parents, who adopted him from Ethiopia at the age of four, claim their son had a mental breakdown and feel police could have done more to de-escalate the situation. BLM activists have since championed his cause, and a march was held in his honor on Saturday near the apartment complex where police shot him. Yarbrough, however, feels that protesters have made a false martyr out of Sundberg and raged at those present on Saturday for their lack of empathy for her situation.

“Just let it go. Grieve in silence,” Yarbrough shouted at the protesters, some of whom shouted back at her, telling her to “shut up.”

“This is not a George Floyd situation. George Floyd was unarmed,” she added. “That man was armed. George Floyd was not armed. Breonna Taylor was not armed. Amir Locke he was armed and he had his own guns but they came into his home while he is licensed to carry and killed him. He did not … fire. This man intentionally tried to kill us.”

Yarbrough told Fox 9 she had just “five minutes to live while he had six hours to choose life or death.”

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