Mother Jones’ David Corn Calls Trump ‘a Terrorist Leader’

Mother Jones’ David Corn Calls Trump ‘a Terrorist Leader’

January 8, 2021

In an unhinged rant with the nuanced headline, “Donald Trump Is Now a Terrorist Leader” at the left-wing website Mother Jones, leftist smear merchant David Corn declared President Trump “a terrorist leader” after protesters breached the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

“Trump owned this terrorism. He has whipped up his cultish followers with lies and conspiracy theories,” Corn stated falsely. “At a rally on Wednesday morning… Trump directed his frenzied supporters toward the Capitol, where they breached police lines and took over the building. They shut down Congress. They terrorized lawmakers and staff, they fought with security forces, they broke American democracy… [H]e has become the instigator of one of the most significant terrorist actions in modern American history.

“It is easy to declare this day a dark one. But what is truly sad is that it is not at all surprising,” Corn continued. “Trump has always looked to harness hate. He has always relished recklessness. He has always demonstrated that his only devotion is to his own interests. He has always revealed that he holds no allegiance to democratic values,” added Corn, whose Party of Marxist revolutionaries threw democratic values out the window to steal the presidential and the Georgia Senate runoff elections, a massive fraud which the hypocrite Corn pretends never happened.

The anti-Trump propagandist Corn has written no comparative criticism of the domestic terrorists of Black Lives Matter or of Antifa, whose thugs actually instigated the breaching of the Capitol on Wednesday.

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