Moore: Time to Defend America Against ‘Domestic Taliban’

Moore: Time to Defend America Against ‘Domestic Taliban’

August 31, 2021

Following the Biden administration’s catastrophic Afghanistan evacuation on Monday, documentary propagandist and vicious leftist demagogue Michael Moore said now is time to defend the United States “against our own domestic Taliban.”

“WAR IS OVER. 4:33pm ET. ENOUGH! No more wars. Peace. Apologies to all,” Moore tweeted. “Time to fix ourselves and strengthen our own Democracy and defend it against our own domestic taliban [sic]. Take the war money and use it on schools, health care, guaranteed income, housing. Never again. Ever.”

There is arguably no more anti-American filmmaker or bigger anti-white racist in Hollywood than the repugnant Moore, who has built a lucrative career catering to anti-American, anti-capitalist sentiment abroad.

This isn’t the first time the violence-inciting Moore has made an unconscionable comparison of the savage Islamic fundamentalists of the Taliban to Trump supporters and Christian conservatives in America. It’s a staple of his unhinged rants in the media — and the left loves him for it.

As for the war being over: leaving Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban to whom Biden left $85 billion worth of high-tech weaponry doesn’t mean the war is over; it just means we’ll see more jihadist attacks here.

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