Moore: GOP ‘Trying to Kill as Many Americans as Possible’

Moore: GOP ‘Trying to Kill as Many Americans as Possible’

March 20, 2021

In the latest episode of his podcast, tiresome documentary propagandist and hate demagogue Michael Moore declared insanely on Wednesday that the Republican Party’s political platform is to kill as many Americans as possible.

“I’m for trying to make sure that as many of our fellow Americans get to live to see the summer and the fall, and Republicans are taking every opportunity they can to stop that from happening,” Moore claimed, referring to Republican resistance to further coronavirus lockdowns, and offering no evidence of this hateful lie. “What political party has as their message — we’re trying to kill as many Americans as possible — and think that they’re going to stay in office?”

Moore went on to claim falsely that “the American people have spoken” in the last election and Republicans “are not to control U.S .Senate.” He declared — again falsely — that the right’s opposition to the Democrat “For the People Act” is rooted in “white supremacy” and “voter suppression.”

“To stop black and brown people from voting that is exactly what this is about. It’s racism. It’s white supremacy,” ranted Moore, one of the left’s most hateful propagandists — which is quite an achievement. “Fuck the Republicans,” he urged. “Stop listening to them. They have nothing to do with what the majority of this country wants. The people have spoken.”

By contrast, he concluded, Democrats holding all the political power will “make this a decent country.” Decent like Michael Moore?

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