Moore: GOP Lost Because They Tried to Turn U.S. into Theocracy

Moore: GOP Lost Because They Tried to Turn U.S. into Theocracy

November 11, 2022

Thursday on MSNBC’s The Beat, documentary propagandist and demagogue Michael Moore said Republicans didn’t have a red wave in the 2022 midterms because of voter anger over the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Moore said, “When you say fight inflation, there’s a false equivalency there. People who are upset, and rightly so, at the cost of gas, the cost of milk, everything else, that that somehow equated with a woman’s human rights being dispensed with.”

He continued, “For anybody who cares about women and that they remain second-class citizens by the court, they’re not equivalent. So yes, nobody likes inflation … but what I really don’t like saying to an entire gender, the federal government will decide what you will do with your reproductive organs. That doesn’t fly with the vast majority of Americans, Republican, Democrat, whatever. ”

Moore added, “The day, June 24th, that the conservative majority — Catholic conservative court decided to issue a religious edict that the American public was to follow the rules of the bishops of the Catholic Church — in other countries, we have a name for that when the top religious leaders.”

The host stated, “Theocracy.”

Moore said, “Yes, that you are to follow the rules of a religion if you are in a democracy. Sorry, it doesn’t compute. I knew that night when I went to bed on Supreme Court night, June 24th, I just — boy, I just relaxed. I thought, well, oh my God, there goes the red wave. You’ve told the majority gender — not a small clique or not a small section of society — you’ve told the majority gender that we’re going to have an apartheid situation here, where the majority is going to be told by the minority how you’re going to live your life.”

This is all just lies and fear-mongering. The Supreme Court decision did not ban abortion or make any sort of religious declaration — it merely (and rightfully) returned the decision on abortion to the states. Moore would have you believe the GOP wants to take America into a Handmaid’s Tale dystopia.

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