Mondaire Jones Used ‘COVID’ Proxy Rule to Party in France

Mondaire Jones Used ‘COVID’ Proxy Rule to Party in France

June 17, 2022

The New York Post reports that New York Democrat Rep. Mondaire Jones misused the House rule allowing proxy voting in order to attend a wedding and party with actress and producer Issa Rae in France.

Jones used a rule in the House of Representatives to vote by proxy, claiming he was “unable to physically attend proceedings… due to the ongoing public health emergency,” despite being able to party on the French Riviera at HBO star Rae’s wedding.

Jones reportedly used the proxy rule on 17 pieces of legislation between July 19 and July 27 last year during his time in France, allowing Georgia Democrat Rep. Nikema Williams to vote for him.

A series of social media posts showed Jones or tagged him with a group including multiple entertainment industry people who traveled to Paris, Beaune, Bordeaux, and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

A rival campaign insider told the Post, “We know Mondaire is quite unfamiliar with New York City, but remote-control governance ain’t gonna cut it here…Sending votes in from the south of France feels par for the course for MIA Mondaire.”

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