MN Dem Ettinger: CRT Is ‘Made Up,’ ‘Not Taught in Schools’

MN Dem Ettinger: CRT Is ‘Made Up,’ ‘Not Taught in Schools’

May 5, 2022

During a Democrat Candidate Forum at Winona State University last week, former CEO of Hormel Jeffrey Ettinger, running as a Democrat in a special election in Minnesota’s First Congressional District, claimed falsely that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is “made up” and “not taught in schools.”

“In terms of the Republican attacks on curriculum, in my opinion, this whole thing with critical race theory is a made-up issue that is not taught anywhere in K through 12 school that I’m aware of,” Ettinger claimed.

He added that he has “trust” in teachers to teach sensitive subjects. He also stressed that schools need to “teach about slavery, and Native American history, and the Civil Rights Movement and all things that are important to understand about our country.”

This is disingenuous at best. CRT is not about teaching the history of slavery or the civil rights movement in a balanced, unbiased way. CRT is an ideological weapon of indoctrination which teaches the divisive lies of cultural Marxism. Its hateful, racist tenets are most certainly being taught in schools all over the country, whether or not they are labeled specifically as “Critical Race Theory.”

The fact that Ettinger wants to dismiss it as “a made-up issue” is evidence that he wants to deflect attention from it.

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