Mitchell on WH Cocaine: ‘Average People Just Can’t Get in There’

Mitchell on WH Cocaine: ‘Average People Just Can’t Get in There’

July 7, 2023

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell speculated Thursday that the individual who brought cocaine into the White House isn’t an “average” visitor as the Biden administration previously suggested.

According to the latest “Cocainegate” developments, not only was the illegal drug found in the West Wing of the White House but it was spotted by Secret Service on Sunday in a cubby near the Situation Room.

While the bag of cocaine is being tested for DNA and fingerprints, Mitchell attempted to narrow the field of suspects.

“It was found, by my observation, at a much more secure place, limited access place in than the West Wing reception area,” Mitchell said. “It’s still a publicly traffic – a frequently trafficked place, but it’s down near the Situation Room right off West Executive down below. And normal people, average people just can’t get in there, even with the entry for the Northwest Gate.”

NBC News correspondent Kelly O’Donnell noted that the Northwest Gate, which is one of two entrances to the West Wing, is the one closer to the Situation Room, but also mentioned it’s next to “West Executive Drive.”

“That’s where, for example, the vice president’s vehicle is parked,” O’Donnell said before stressing, “It is a high-trafficked area.”

O’Donnell told Mitchell that if any member of the public were to come through that area, they’d have to have gone on a “private tour” led by a White House staffer as their sponsor.

“The fact that it’s close to the Situation Room is certainly notable,” O’Donnell said.

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