Millionaire Communist Sanders Slams MLB Owners For ‘Greed’

Millionaire Communist Sanders Slams MLB Owners For ‘Greed’

March 3, 2022

Lifelong communist millionaire Senator Bernie Sanders took to Twitter on Tuesday to weigh in on the standoff between players and Major League Baseball owners, berating the owners for their “greed.”

The failed presidential candidate tweeted, “The 30 Major League Baseball owners are worth over $100 billion. The value of their teams increased by more than $41 billion since they bought them. Mr. [MLB Commissioner Rob] Manfred: End the lockout. Negotiate in good faith. Don’t let the greed of baseball owners take away our national past time.”

This is not the first time Sanders has leaped to the defense of multi-millionaire athletes. Last year he slammed the MLB organization for “greed” for dropping 40 teams from its minor league system.

“This is about greed – plain and simple,” multiple-homeowner Sanders tweeted. “Closing down Minor League teams, like the Vermont Lake Monsters, is a disaster for baseball fans, workers, and communities across the country. I will do all I can to fight it.”

“I’m sorry Bernie, baseball players are not struggling exploited workers,” replied one Twitter user.

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