Milley: Accusations of Woke Military Grossly Overexaggerated

Milley: Accusations of Woke Military Grossly Overexaggerated

June 6, 2023

Monday on CNN’s The Lead, woke Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said that accusations that the U.S. military is turning “woke” are “grossly over-exaggerated,” and argued that the military is “all about readiness” through modernization.

Milley stated, “We’re about fighting and winning on battlefields, and we’re all about readiness. We’re all about readiness now and readiness in the future, modernization. I think the accusations of woke are grossly over-exaggerated.

Fact check: no, the accusations of wokeness are not exaggerated, grossly or otherwise. The subversion of our military through the Left’s obsession with identity politics has been abundantly documented by David Horowitz Freedom Center journalist Daniel Greenfield. No one, certainly not our enemies, believes that our military readiness has not been compromised by the social justice activism at the military’s highest levels, including Gen. Milley.

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