Michigan Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Whitmer Mask Mandate

Michigan Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Whitmer Mask Mandate

July 14, 2020

Tyrannical Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order on Friday stating businesses “must” deny service to patrons not wearing a mask or face a $500 misdemeanor, but various sheriff departments around the state declared they won’t be enforcing it.

Van Buren County Sheriff Dan Abbott says his department will respond if a business complains, but the individual will need to be prosecuted by the State Police or the Attorney General’s Office.

Arenac County Sheriff James Mosciski told residents to tattle directly to Whitmer’s office about neighbors not wearing masks. “Our deputies often run call-to-call most of their shift. Any spare time is reserved for follow up and traffic enforcement.”

Gratiot County Sheriff Michael A. Morris said, “If someone does not want to wear a mask in public and someone else files a formal complaint against that person,” it would be referred to the County Prosecutor’s or Attorney General’s Office. The Sandusky Police Department also said it would not enforce the edict.

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