Michigan HS Athlete Blames Whitmer for Brother’s Death amid Sports Ban

Michigan HS Athlete Blames Whitmer for Brother’s Death amid Sports Ban

January 29, 2021

A growing movement called“Let Them Play” demanding that high schoolers be allowed to play sports will be protesting tyrannical Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s lockdown orders on Saturday.

Whitmer has delayed the start of winter contact sports, including basketball, hockey, wrestling, and competitive cheer “until at least February 21.” Many organizers, parents, and students have become fed up with the delays.Organizer Jayme McElvany said, “Kids are at a breaking point, so instead of just hoping, parents are saying ‘This is enough. We can’t be pushed back again because we can’t go back any further.’”

Carter Dethloff, a Mona Shores High School team goalie whose brother recently died, blasted Whitmer over the death: “I am wearing my brothers number and name plate to honor him for his senior year that @GovWhitmer and the MDHHS took away from us,” he said, referring to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the agency issuing the orders. “He would still be here today if they followed the #Science they speak of #LetUsPlay.”

Let Them Play has hired Lansing-based lawyer Peter Ruddell to demand that MDHHS allow affected athletes to begin practice and competition no later than next week. “We sent a letter to the new director this morning, urging her to change the order and allow sports to commence Feb. 1,” Ruddell said. “Based on the data and the science, we are hopeful the administration recognizes high school athletics are safe for students and are actually in their best interest.”

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