Michelle: We Have to Think On ‘How Wealth Is Distributed’

Michelle: We Have to Think On ‘How Wealth Is Distributed’

August 6, 2020

Wednesday on her new podcast, former First Lady Michelle Obama called the coronavirus pandemic an opportunity to think about “how wealth is distributed.”

“And that’s something that we need to, that’s a part of that reflection, that we need to do, you know. With ourselves, and, and as a community,” Michelle mused. “And we have to think about that, in terms of how wealth is distributed. You know, how, how these essential people are supported. And what does that mean? A lot of these people are broke. They don’t have health insurance.” She added that “We have to think about the people who are not from this country, who are essential workers” too, and that we can’t make budget cuts or poor kids won’t get school lunches.

Later she stated condescendingly and self-righteously, “Always with great opposition, because you’re asking people to sacrifice, to give up, things that, that they think they deserve, that they’re entitled to for the sake of the greater good.”

She and her radical Marxist husband are worth an estimated $70 million. How much of that does she think they’re entitled to, and how much are they giving to illegal alien essential workers?

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