Michelle: Unqualified Trump’s Language Brought Jan. 6 Chaos

Michelle: Unqualified Trump’s Language Brought Jan. 6 Chaos

November 16, 2022

Monday on CBS’s The Late Show, former first lady Michelle Obama said that former President Trump was unqualified to be president and his language and behavior led to the January 6, 2021 Capitol chaos.

Host propagandist Stephen Colbert began, “I don’t think you and I have had a chance to talk about this yet, but there you are, you and your husband, after your eight years of service, you are citizens at home, watching January 6 unfold. Like everybody else but of course, these are your colleagues. This is the place you used to work. You know those people, that is a very familiar area to you. What was it like for you? I know this is a very broad question, but what was it like to sit there with your husband and to watch that unfold?”

Michelle O said, “It was sad. It was— it was— it was deeply, deeply disappointing, disheartening, but it wasn’t completely surprising. I mean, we were— with the language, the behavior, we were creeping towards some kind of chaotic moment. We talked about it throughout the entire election. I was very clear that the person running against Hillary Clinton was not up to the job, that it was going to be chaotic, that the job of president is not a joke, and that it would cause problems. We were just bracing for what was that big thing going to be. What was— how bad would it get? And to see citizens storming through the Capitol, it was surreal, and it was frightening and deeply, deeply disappointing.”

In fact, Trump called for peaceful demonstration, and the breach of the Capitol was Deep State entrapment designed to make his supporters look like domestic terrorists. January 6 was indeed “deeply, deeply disappointing” — but because it revealed that the Democrats and the Deep State are willing to falsely imprison and destroy the lives of innocent American citizens to secure their hold on power.

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