Michelle: Defeating Trump Allows Us to ‘Breathe a Moment’

Michelle: Defeating Trump Allows Us to ‘Breathe a Moment’

March 11, 2021

In a new interview with People magazine, former first lady Michelle Obama, who once asserted that she had never been proud of America until her husband Barack picked up a presidential nomination, stated that defeating former President Trump allows social justice activists the opportunity to “breathe for a moment.”

“We breathe for a moment, but there’s still work to be done,” she said, referring to the fraudulent results of the 2020 election.

“I’ve been telling my daughters I’m moving toward retirement right now, picking projects and chasing summer,” she blathered while promoting her new Netflix cooking show Waffles and Mochi. “Barack and I never want to experience winter again.” Ha ha — we can relate!

“We’re building the [Obama Foundation] for somebody else to continue the work so we can retire and be with each other,” she continued. “And Barack can golf too much, and I can tease him about golfing too much because he’s got nothing else to do.” Aw — they banter with each other just like regular people!

Michelle went on to discuss her struggle with “low-grade depression”: “I needed to acknowledge what I was going through, because a lot of times we feel like we have to cover that part of ourselves up, that we always have to rise above and look as if we’re not paddling hard underneath the water,” she said.

These are indeed depressing times, with the radical Democrat Party fraudulently occupying the White House and controlling Congress, hell-bent (literally) on fundamentally transforming America into an open-borders, socialist catastrophe modeled after the Third-World state that is California.

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