Michelle O: ‘Unfettered Access to Firearms is Not a Good Thing’

Michelle O: ‘Unfettered Access to Firearms is Not a Good Thing’

April 21, 2023

Thursday on CBS Mornings, former first lady Michelle Obama warned that American citizens having “unfettered access to firearms” is not a good thing.

Host Gayle King asked, “Do you think we will ever figure out a way to reconcile gun violence in this country? Because it does keep me up.”

Obama said, “I hope and pray that at some point enough becomes enough.”

After lamenting that after all the school shootings, we still didn’t get the message, Michelle added, “We are the only developed country on the planet where its citizens can have unfettered access to firearms. That is not a good thing.”

What? “Unfettered access” to guns? Either she doesn’t know what the word unfettered means, or she’s unaware that every state in the union has gun control laws. And it’s the most heavily gun-controlled areas that suffer the most gun violence.

She continued, “More of us have to feel strongly about it, particularly our young people. This is where democracy comes in. Voting — all of this stuff is decided in the ballot box. Now the problem is that our young people have to understand that just because an issue doesn’t affect you today doesn’t mean it’s not going to matter in five or ten years. Voting matters, that’s all I can say.”

Voting does matter. So does voter fraud, which the Democrats have adopted as normal practice in our “democracy.”

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