Michelle O, Oprah Discuss Life’s Challenges in Netflix Special

Michelle O, Oprah Discuss Life’s Challenges in Netflix Special

April 7, 2023

Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey will team up for a new Netflix special debuting on April 25 called The Light We Carry, based on Obama’s book. The trailer shows the two women onstage at an arena, presumably from a stop on Obama’s 2022 book tour.

“A woman who needs no introduction,” Winfrey says of Michelle O., whose book offers a guide to some of the techniques that worked for her when life became stressful.

“The book came from people asking for guidance,” Obama says in the trailer. “When you get to those low emotional places, it’s hard to find your light.”

“Start with the small, control what you can,” Winfrey says is one takeaway.

Wow. Brilliant.

Obama also addresses in the trailer her marriage to former president Barack Obama. “We have to be honest about real marriage and the work that it takes to build a life with another person. It’s like hashtag, relationship goals…”

The women discuss friendships, challenges and triumphs detailed in The Light We Carry. Both agree the book and the special’s overarching philosophy is about being your best self wherever and however you can.

“The light we carry is in all of us,” Obama says. “It’s our responsibility to share that light.”


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