Michelle O Mobilizes Push For Federal Takeover of Elections

Michelle O Mobilizes Push For Federal Takeover of Elections

September 22, 2021

Former first lady Michelle Obama is mobilizing celebrities for next year’s midterms to help push legislation that would federalize elections and cancel voter ID requirements, according to Breitbart News.

Michelle O’s When We All Vote organization has announced a new slate of events featuring actress Regina Hall, TikTok celebrity La’Ron Hines, NBA star Chris Paul, and “The Breakfast Club” host Angela Yee. The events will focus on voter registration drives in local communities while also advancing Democrat-backed legislation.

They will also host events targeting purported “voter suppression efforts” in Texas and Georgia, both of which recently passed voter integrity laws to combat fraud.

The organization is aggressively pushing the Senate to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would radically transform America’s electoral system to the benefit of Democrats. She is also promoting the Freedom to Vote Act, which would federalize elections and mandate controversial provisions like drop boxes for absentee vote by mail ballots.

Fact check: there is no right-wing voter suppression. There is, however, widespread Democrat voter fraud, which the left wants to institutionalize through this legislation.

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