Michelle: Inauguration Crowd ‘Not Reflective’ of America

Michelle: Inauguration Crowd ‘Not Reflective’ of America

July 8, 2019

Speaking at the Essence Fest in New Orleans on Saturday, former First Lady Michelle Obama said President Trump’s inauguration “was not reflective of the country.”

“Then to sort of sit at that inauguration and to look around at a crowd that was not reflective of the country,” Obama said. “It was just such the opposite… During Barack’s inauguration, we made sure that the crowd looked like all of America.”

“And I had to sit in that audience, one of a handful of people of color, and then listen to that speech, and all that I had sort of held on to for eight years, watching my husband get raked over the coals, feeling like we had to do everything perfectly, no scandal, no nothing,” she added. “It was a lot emotionally.”

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