Michael Moore: ‘We Need a Stacey Abrams in Every State’

Michael Moore: ‘We Need a Stacey Abrams in Every State’

June 4, 2021

In a recent episode of his podcast Rumble, documentary propagandist and raging demagogue Michael Moore argued that “We need a Stacey Abrams in every state,” referring to the voter fraud enthusiast who has been credited with helping her Party win the 2020 presidential and Senate elections in Georgia.

“We need a Stacey Abrams in every state,” Moore declared, calling for more “people in the streets” to demonstrate against purported “white supremacy” in America.

Fact check: white supremacy is virtually nonexistent in America. It has absolutely zero political or cultural power. But the left has blown this boogeyman up into the biggest threat facing the country.

“Twenty to 30 million Americans in the streets last summer and fall was something that had never happened in this country before,” Moore stated, apparently approving of the violent chaos those leftist protesters wreaked across the nation. “My hope is … these boots on the ground, when people realize we’re not going to affect change simply by writing our member of Congress or tweeting or Facebook — but not that you shouldn’t do those things — that is not enough, because this is a big fight.”

Moore is essentially supporting, if not inciting more political violence from his Party — because massive voter fraud of the sort Stacey Abrams facilitated isn’t enough for the left to maintain power. They need to wield the threat of violent intimidation as well.

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