Merrick Sides with Illegal Alien Criminals over Americans’ Safety

Merrick Sides with Illegal Alien Criminals over Americans’ Safety

May 19, 2022

Dale L. Wilcox, executive director and general counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, writing for Breitbart News, argued that the Biden Administration has prioritized the rights of illegal aliens over those of American citizens, and that Attorney General Merrick Garland is “putting the safety of citizens at risk by allowing mentally ill criminal aliens to remain in the country.”

In the Matter of B-Z-R, Garland ruled that when considering asylum claims, immigration judges can now take into account the mental health of asylum seekers who have been convicted of “particularly serious crimes” when determining whether or not they pose a danger. Wilcox writes. “The result is that mentally ill criminal aliens will now have an advantage when it comes to deciding whether to allow them to stay in the country.”

“As is the case with virtually every action of this administration, our current leaders seem to care far more about getting foreign nationals into the country permanently by any means necessary than they do about protecting the citizens who they have sworn to protect,” Wilcox continued. “This is an abomination the American people should not accept.”

“A simple online search will produce multitudinous examples of people being robbed, assaulted, raped or killed by those here illegally. How many of those alleged perpetrators will now claim mental illnesses as strategy to keep from being deported?”

Wilcox concludes, “As a result of Garland’s decision, criminal aliens facing deportation will be instructed to feign mental illness as a way to delay or prevent removal.”

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