Menendez: Slams Biden’s ‘Unilateral Concessions’ to Cuba

Menendez: Slams Biden’s ‘Unilateral Concessions’ to Cuba

May 20, 2022

Thursday on MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart Reports, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) slammed the Biden administration for lifting some restrictions on Cuba, saying that the day the policy changes were announced, the Cuban regime put into law “sweeping, draconian consequences” for free speech.

Menendez said, “On the day that the administration announced these unilateral concessions to the regime, the regime put into law, as part of their penal code, sweeping, draconian consequences for people who exercise what we would call here in the United States free speech, including the death penalty under certain circumstances for what would be an act of free speech.

“So, instead of insisting that the regime move towards change, respect for human rights, peaceful protests, giving a voice to the Cuban people, and stopping the jailing of dissidents,” Menendez continued, “what we have is a unilateral concession that ultimately was responded to by having a penal code that includes the death penalty for free speech activities.”

The Biden regime is so incompetent that even a few Democrat leaders can’t pretend any more to support its disastrous policies.

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