Menendez: ‘Russia Doing Pres. Trump’s Dirty Work Again’

Menendez: ‘Russia Doing Pres. Trump’s Dirty Work Again’

January 14, 2020

Monday on CNN’s AC360, Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking member Sen. Robert Menendez claimed that the reported hacking of Ukrainian gas company Burisma is another example of Russia doing “dirty work” for President Trump.

“Well, it’s Russia doing President Trump’s dirty work again. Remember, in the last campaign for president, candidate Trump at the time said, ‘Russia, if you’re hearing me, get Hillary’s emails,’ and sure enough, they did. And now, the Russians are engaged, once again, in seeking to interfere in our elections and give an advantage to President Trump,” Menendez said.

“And one must ask the question, why do they do so?” he continued. “They do so because they obviously have come to the conclusion that President Trump, in terms of their relationships — his potential relationship with Russia and Putin is better than some of these other candidates, including Vice President Biden.”

Menendez is still pushing the debunked fantasy that Trump is Putin’s puppet. Shameful and desperate.

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