Menendez: Dems Can Finally Pass Immigration Reform

Menendez: Dems Can Finally Pass Immigration Reform

February 19, 2021

Thursday on MSNBC’s Live, Sen. Bob Menendez said that President Joe Biden’s major immigration reform will finally pass because Democrats now control the House and the Senate.

“We have a president in President Biden who has leaned into this,” Menendez said. “The legislation that I introduced today and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez has introduced in the House is basically the legislation that President Biden envisioned as what we would think about in terms of finally dealing with comprehensively the question of immigration reform. So we have a president who is leaning into it. We do have a majority in the House of Representatives, and they move certain elements of this bill in the last Congress. Then we have a narrow majority in the Senate, but it gives us three legs of a stool to finally try to make this happen, and I’m looking forward to working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to achieve it.”

He added, “Unless we deal with a process to normalize and regularize our immigration system, unless we deal with the 11 million who are in the country undocumented and find a way to have them make themselves right with the law, these challenges will only exacerbate themselves. So I would say while the legislation is comprehensive, it’s our vision of what we would like to achieve in immigration reform, but we’re going to be looking at what can we get done, how robustly we can make different elements of the legislation happen, and we will certainly be reaching out to our colleagues on both sides of the aisle.”

All of that vague verbosity boils down to this: the power-mad Democrats are now in a position to ram through open-borders legislation to legalize millions of illegal aliens and clear the way for countless millions more to overburden our infrastructure and economy, and take jobs from Americans already suffering from the Democrat-imposed pandemic restrictions.

It is part and parcel of the left’s plan to fundamentally transform the United States along the lines of the third world country known as California.

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