Menendez: CEOs Must Pressure Amnesty Opponents

Menendez: CEOs Must Pressure Amnesty Opponents

January 22, 2021

At a video teleconference hosted by the American Business Immigration Coalition, Sen. Robert Menendez warned that President Biden’s pro-immigration amnesty bill cannot pass Congress unless business leaders actively pressure politicians and the media.

“Let me close by saying to my friends in the business community: We need you to give it everything that you’ve got,” Menendez said on Thursday. “We need you to make it clear through your words and your actions — and your dollars — that you will not lend your support to politicians or platforms that stoke fear, spread xenophobia, and stymie prospects for reform.”

Let’s be clear: immigration concerns are not about xenophobia. They are about Americans losing jobs to cheap immigrant labor and about the massive burden on the economy that will be the result of giving amnesty to illegals and throwing open the borders to a ceaseless flood of migrants.

Speaking of amnesty, Menendez urged business leaders to suppress any mention of that word in public debates about the bill and to use “immigration reform” instead. That won’t be a problem for the news media, whose outlets already bar reporters from using the word “amnesty” in articles about, well, amnesty.

Menendez went on to insist falsely that amnesty — oops, immigration reform — is popular among voters. It is not. It is popular, however, among the leftist elites and on Wall Street.

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