Menendez Calls For Investigation Into ‘Disturbing Revelation’

Menendez Calls For Investigation Into ‘Disturbing Revelation’

June 18, 2020

Sen. Bob Menendez is demanding an investigation into President Trump’s financial ties with foreign govts after the leak of a book by former Ambassador John Bolton claiming Trump tried to persuade the Chinese President to buy more agricultural goods from the United States to help him win re-election.

Menendez said this “raised new questions about how much the President may be profiting from his company’s relationship with the state-run Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.”

“This disturbing revelation raises new questions about other ways in which President Trump benefits personally, and financially, from the Chinese government,” Menendez wrote in a letter to the Trump Organization’s Chief Legal Officer. He added in a statement, “It is important that Congress and the American public know how much money China, and any other country for that matter, is paying President Trump through his company.”

Trump has dismissed Bolton as “a washed-up guy.”

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