McLaughlin Group’s Clift: Trump ‘Fanning the Flames of Unrest’

McLaughlin Group’s Clift: Trump ‘Fanning the Flames of Unrest’

September 7, 2020

Friday on The McLaughlin Group, The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift argued that Black Lives Matter (BLM) doesn’t favor violence, that President Trump’s theme of law and order “is basically cover for authoritarian action” and a distraction from the coronavirus pandemic, and that the president is “fanning the flames of unrest” in order to help his bid to win re-election.

BLM does not “favor violence,” Clift asserted. “Nobody favors violence. The law and order theme is basically cover for authoritarian action, and it’s Trump’s effort to distract from the fact that a thousand Americans die every day. We’re, in a couple of weeks, going to hit 200,000 lives lost.” She added that Americans are “worrying about their kids going to school, and they’re not going to be so foolish as to believe that the violence is coming to the city near them.

“This is Charlottesville all over again,” she continued. “‘There are good people on both sides,’ a president fanning the flames of unrest from the Oval Office. Because he thinks it’s his ticket to re-election.”

This “punditry” is wildly at odds with reality, but talking heads like Clift are in the business of anti-Trump propaganda, not facts.

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