McAuliffe Snaps at ‘Dangerous’ Questioner: Are You Vaccinated?

McAuliffe Snaps at ‘Dangerous’ Questioner: Are You Vaccinated?

October 14, 2021

After an education roundtable discussion on Tuesday, Virginia Democrat gubernatorial hopeful and anti-parent, big-government proponent Terry McAuliffe snapped after being confronted on his position on education issues, transparently changing the subject by asking the questioner if he had been vaccinated.

“Who do you think should be in control of education if not Virginia parents?” the conservative group Virginia Rising asked McAuliffe.

He initially ignored the question, asking instead, “Are you vaccinated yet? That’s the question I want to know. You should have a mask on… You’re dangerous here.”

Predictably, though, pictures and videos from the roundtable discussion show almost everyone wearing a mask — except for McAuliffe.

The hypocrite McAuliffe has a long history of failing to practice what he preaches. Over the summer, for example, a passenger aboard Amtrak caught McAuliffe traveling maskless, violating Amtrak’s policy. That’s because Democrats believe in rules for thee, not for them.

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