McAuliffe: ‘Dangerous’ Youngkin Wants to Ban Books, Abortion

McAuliffe: ‘Dangerous’ Youngkin Wants to Ban Books, Abortion

October 29, 2021

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, big-government totalitarian, Virginia gubernatorial candidate, and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe claimed desperately that his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin is “dangerous.”

“The closing ad for his campaign — not health care, not education, not job creation like mine are,” McAuliffe blustered. “His is about banning books written by a preeminent African American woman that is a noble prize winner. Think about that, ban a woman, Toni Morrison with a book Beloved, that’s a true story, that’s his closing ad.”

He continued, “He is against a woman’s right to choose. He said last week he’s not for gay marriage. Really in 2021? He said last week humans are not responsible for climate change. Really? This is what we’re dealing with.”

A political candidate opposed to progressive policies that are destroying American culture and the economy? In 2021?! Shocking. Shocking!

He added, “Young people don’t want a governor against gay marriage. I was very proud I’m the first governor to perform a gay marriage after The Supreme Court ruling. I was a brick wall. I kept my 16 women’s clinics open and received awards from Planned Parenthood. We don’t want a governor that will ban abortions who is against gay marriage and doesn’t believe humans contribute to climate change. That’s the issue.”

The critical issue in this election is that McAuliffe is a Critical Race Theory-supporter who believes that government can raise children better than their parents can. He knows it,and he’s panicked that that issue will keep him out of the governor’s mansion.

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