McAuliffe: Critical Race Theory a ‘Dog Whistle’ Made Up by Trump

McAuliffe: Critical Race Theory a ‘Dog Whistle’ Made Up by Trump

October 11, 2021

Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe claimed falsely that the racist ideology called Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is bring promoted in schools all over the country by the Marxist left, is a “dog whistle” made up by former President Donald Trump to divide Americans.

Asked to confirm his clear, controversial statement in a recent debate that parents should not have a say in their children’s education, McAuliffe replied by touting Virginia’s educational system. Then he accused his opponent of “trying to do a back door deal [with] Trump” by raising the specter of Critical Race Theory.

McAuliffe said, “I have to be honest with you: that’s a dog whistle. We don’t teach critical race theory in Virginia. He brings up this Donald Trump/DeVos thing on education. I hate to see people divided…

“I really hate to see the division, the hatred,” he blathered, avoiding the question. “We’re putting these children in this horrible position. Let’s just be clear. We don’t teach Critical Race Theory. This is made-up. This is a Trump/Betsy DeVos/Glenn Youngkin plan to divide people.”

Fact check: CRT was not made up by Trump but by cultural Marxists over the last few decades. It is demonstrably real and McAuliffe’s party teaches it and intends to make it the default ideological curriculum of public schools everywhere. Its very purpose is to create racial division and subvert America. McAuliffe is fully onboard with that.

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