Mayorkas : We Can Solve Border Crisis — by Opening the Border

Mayorkas : We Can Solve Border Crisis — by Opening the Border

April 25, 2023

The border crisis can be solved by letting 10 million migrants take American jobs, alleged President Biden’s open-borders enthusiast Alejandro Mayorkas told reporters.

Asked on April 21 if there was room for a compromise on border security before a deal on migration policy, Mayorkas replied, “I am an unrelenting optimist, but I will share with you the following: What was articulated this week [by congressional legislators at hearings] is that… ‘We have 10 to 11 million vacant jobs, we have an incredible supply of [migrant] labor, and… we will not fix something like that until you secure the border.’ And my view of that is, it is a remarkable formula that [Congress] is holding the solution hostage until [Congress] fixes the problem.”

Translation: Mayorkas is arguing Congress can solve the border crisis and the claimed shortage of workers by allowing the migrants across the border to take the jobs.

He did not address the economic chaos of letting millions of desperate migrants into the U.S. job market, because the chaos is the point. Crashing the system through unchecked immigration is what Mayorkas and the Biden administration perceive to be his job.

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