Mayorkas to Judge: Re-Cancel ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program

Mayorkas to Judge: Re-Cancel ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program

November 1, 2021

In a report prepared for the federal judge who directed in August that the “Remain in Mexico” (RIM) program be kept going, Department of Homeland Security (open-)border chief Alejandro Mayorkas urged that it be canceled because it hinders migrants’ ability to ask judges to let them stay in the United States.

“The fundamental problems with [the program] …  is that it puts an international barrier between migrants and their counsel and relevant immigration court where their proceedings are pending and it places their security and safety in the hands of a sovereign nation,” Mayorkas argued.

Mayorkas ignored the benefits to Americans of the program even as he described the risks and harms to migrants. He also ignored Americans’ legal and economic rights to a secure border, even though he admitted the migrant flow crashed when President Donald Trump’s deputies ran the program, also called the Migrant Protection Protocols.

Mayorkas also admitted the RIM program accelerated the legal review of migrants’ claims for asylum, but he downplayed that benefit for Americans by arguing that migrants must deliver “fair and just outcomes” to foreigners.

By fair and just outcome, the open-borders leftist Mayorkas means illegal aliens must be prioritized over American citizens. Because that is how his Party is going to turn this country into a one-party state.

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